Jonathan is the head physiotherapist of the Kinetic Sports Chiropractic Macquarie Park/North Ryde team. He graduated with a Bachelors of Exercise Physiology and a Masters of Physiotherapy at the University of Sydney.


Jonathan himself has been a patient at many physiotherapy practices and has become disillusioned by the short-term ‘fixes’ and ‘bells and whistles’ employed by many in the industry. Jonathan’s goal as a physiotherapist is to assist his clients in finding the root cause of their pain instead of treating the symptoms. Jonathan also strongly believes in empowering and educating his clients to be active participants in their rehabilitation, rather than create a dependence on him. His goal is to help people become strong and robust individuals who can play their sport and perform at their occupation without negative impacts to their health.


Jonathan has been training with weights for 7 years, so he is proficient with the bodybuilding and powerlifting principles. As an exercise physiologist, Jonathan is also experienced with treating individuals with trauma, and is educated in utilising behaviour change principle to encourage individuals to manage their chronic pain. Jonathan also really believes in looking at the individual and not the condition, and likes to employ an holistic approach to treating pain













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